A design I did while I worked as a graphic designer for the River Cities Reader.


Once again. My cowboy/ pastor/ headmaster/ is looking for a job.

It seems he steps on toes professionally. He just doesn’t use his tact with me or anyone else very often. No matter how little they pay him.

This is the man who gave me the advice that when I ran over a sparrow and almost immediately afterwards had a diesel line mysteriously break in the fossil fuel island. This wasn’t the first time that I argued with a Vaughn who would ask what could be done to help yet didn’t jump in head first. But that was eleanor who wanted to make me STOP and think. As if a steady stream of $ 3.50 per gallon fluid.that is unfriendly to the environmental protection agency at a rate of…. “I have no idea what to Ducking tell you to do that you can help me. ¢√×{>•$&* #icantthinkstraightwhenivebeenstuckingomodeandnowiamforciblystuckwithdeadlines @theslingshot with your patient research and my need to put wheels on it.


This need to proceed does little in attaching heed

I have no speed. 
I prefer deed.
I attempt to avoid greed.

Yet I am usually requiring the necessity of a heel dragger.


Inside joke of tiny technology which is a trap

. Ironically I had to walk away from my beautiful. Vaughn
Who is following instruction.s which were pissing me off. Has the ability to connect websites together.
It has some relation to my frustrated desire to connect. Fuel lines.

I’ve never enjoyed sitting back and looking at the problem until I married cowgirl/preachers daughter.

Her grandpa collected.

My grandpa protected.

No parents are doing it right.

Neither am I.

I’m tired
Of driving got a living.

I’m even more tired of following the rules that the internet forcibly suggests in order to “help” promote this ” business” .

Fuck em.

I gonna discuss how we can worm together to hunt and vent over a waffle. Breakfast and pray that maybe I can waste some money on investing before my lack of. “Work” ethic in Illinois. Will…..blah blah….blah.

I’m renting a barn attic hopefully.
Looking at the jolly rover.
Listening to frustrations over insurance fed doctoral baby tenant landlord requirements.

I missed the sunrise…
I got up early so I could get out of our Hobbitual shire.

I’m driving through the trailer parks.

I want to hunt.

I love you for your pin.k Cadillac
Spending non of my money on Saturday.

The vaughn is inching down the volume as we watch a train cross our path. She drove

My iron man octopus. Triclips is sticking to the seat.

Shout outs to

You helped me realize some things that I needed to know.

But maybe I should puta shirt on over my ago.g wired frame that is finding it difficult to restrain a desire to smoke.notwearing a seatbelt in front of a smalltowncop with a pitbull who isn’t allowed in this shirt town next to a corrupt church that neighbors little dogs and gets their feelings hurt too easily.


its just a start. and there is a truckload more to follow.



the photos of my learning experiments dance in front of my eyes on a digital antique. i see more clearly even with my vision blurred by allergy. looking back at attempts to promote my art, and the confusion of a misdirected desire for fame. having achieved status, i can check accomplishments off my list. permanent art has been sucessfully applied. technological designs have changed more than once. and yet i have still gained a perspective on that which exists and does not exist.

my accomplishments have been reduced to snippets that decompose into the fodder from which we grow. my wisdom is swallowed into a beige statement that is promoted.

i walk away again, wish i needed no sleep – could accomplish everything quicker. but ultimately realizing that i slowed down intentionally in order to produce a more thought out product that would have more longevity.

modern technology is an elitist machine that creates an invisible sense that encourages miscommunication. 

the beginning of the continuation has been motivated by a threat of demolition. and a fight to maintain integrity while loosing the power to enforce my personal vision.
compromise is a necessity in order to preserve and reorganize.
the destructive has become a history lesson which illuminates a direction. a channel to promote.
a thoughtful expansion.